Are you on multiple psych meds and STILL feel like emotionally you're not at your best?

Are you tired of the sheer number of medications that you take and wish an experienced professional could carefully review your medication history?

Are you interested in medications with more than one desired therapeutic benefit thus saving you money and reducing side effects?

Are you frustrated with current healthcare silos, long reappointment intervals and wait times and would like to see changes that could positively impact your life NOW.



 How We Can Help 

Conduct a thorough review of your psychiatry medication history, side effects, lab results, DNA testing etc. after you submit your psychiatric records to us. 

Offer a face-face visit and second opinion report from an experienced dual board-certified psychiatrist whose area of expertise is psychiatric medications. We will match the best available evidence in the scientific literature to your unique condition. You can share and review these recommendations with the provider of your choice.

Create and empower you with a personalized psychiatric treatment report, collaborate with your provider and reduce your frustration with the traditional ‘trial and error’ approach. 

For Nebraska clients living at a distance, we offer secure & convenient video appointments from the comfort of your home.

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